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Renewable Energy Investment in Kant, Bishkek

30 November 2020

SIFT Completes a 15MW Hydro Powered Data Centre in Bishkek

SIFT invested, developed, and successfully achieved energization of a 15MW hydro powered data centre, authorized by local govenment, providing custodian services for cloud computing clients, at the outskirts of Bishkek late November, 2020.

Further expansion up to total 30MW capacity has been scheduled immediately after.

The policy makers have entered into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) of surplus electricity directly with the hydro power plants locally, echoing SIFT's green renewable energy investment ambition.

In Bishkek, hydroelectric generation is a primary energy source that serves the demand for both industrial and residential purposes. Occasionally it has to address challenges of how to make it affordable for the local community and how to utilize excessive power that would be otherwise wasted.

Renewable Energy Investment in China

11 October 2018

SIFT Closes US$20 Million Anchor Investment in Ganfeng Lithium H-Shares IPO

SIFT participated as an anchor investor in Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd. (Ganfeng), and sponsored its IPO (HK.01772) in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with offering price at HK$16.50 per share, totaling US$421 million.

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Ganfeng signed a three-year supply agreement to U.S. electric carmaker Tesla Inc, circa 20% of Ganfeng’s lithium production.

Ganfeng Lithium’s global position as of December 31, 2017:

  • 3rd largest globally and 1st in China lithium compounds producer;
  • 1st largest globally lithium metal production capacity, 47% of global capacity;
  • 4th largest globally lithium carbonate production capacity, 10% of global capacity;
  • 3rd largest globally and 1st in China lithium production capacity, 11% of global capacity;

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