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Still Waters Green Technology Limited (“SWGT”) is an investment platform specialising in renewable energy and power generation real assets.

SWGT is sponsored by SIFT Capital, an asset manager founded in Hong Kong in 2013 and licensed by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“HKSFC”) and Asset Management Association of China (“AMAC”). SIFT has long term joint venture partners encompassing prominent family offices in Europe and the GCC region as well as leading energy and financial institutions in Asia. SIFT is committed to focus on asset management business with Hong Kong as a launchpad and producing assets with robust investment.

SWGT offers a broad range of direct investments and tailored investment opportunities including co-investment with a focus on transformative technologies in energy storage and solar, while generating attractive long-term returns supported by strong asset backing, a sustainable income yield and the potential for capital growth.

Our Core Value


Chairman's letter


Stephen Markscheid


“Still Waters does well by doing good. We are dedicated to contributing to solve the earth’s serious climate crisis through development of renewable energy and energy storage. Doing so on a rigorous project by project basis, we also are able to attract and reward our financing partners.

As chairman, Still Waters represents an opportunity to build on my long term involvement in cleantech, renewable energy, and energy storage; as advisor to Clean Energy Trust in Chicago, investor in solar projects, representing public investors on the boards of publicly listed solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers, and executive leadership of a producer of innovative materials for battery anodes.

Still Waters has the right business model at the right time, as well as the team of professionals who are able to execute effectively. Together with industry and financing partners, we are committed to participating actively to create a new world of clean and renewable energy.”