• Head of Power Trading

“Renewables and batteries bring you the energy you want in the power you need.”

From 2017 to 2020, Chris was Head of Energy Trading Services at EDF Energy, and also served as the EDF Group Local Energy Management Director. He spearheaded EDF's Powershift business, offering flexibility trading services to batteries and gas engines, creating the UK's first battery floor price contract and growing EDF's business from first contract to market leading in under 2 years.

As an energy trader, Chris was present at two market openings before heading up EDF Energy's trading and Operations capabilities between 2009 and 2017. As Vice Chair of the FOAs Power Trading Committee and as Chair of Energy UK’s Wholesale Markets subcommittee, Chris helped create the current Energy market we have today, making changes to energy trading products, negotiating Mandatory Market Making rules with OFGEM, as well as making changes to allow a customer’s assets to be re-optimised closer to real time. Prior to that, Chris was the Head of Commercial Optimisation at British Energy.

Chris holds a Master degree in Business Administration from INSEAD with a distinction, and Bachelor degree from University of Southampton.